Condit Elementary School holds three trimester awards assemblies throughout the school year.  All students have the opportunity to earn at least one of the following awards:

  • Academic Excellence Award - Students demonstrating academic success determined by the classroom teacher

  • ROCK Star Award - Students consistently demonstrating the ROCKStar (R) Respect, (O) Ownership, (C) Cooperation, (K) Kindness and (S) Safety behavior.

  • Soaring Condor Award - Students demonstrating improvement, consistency, or going above and beyond

Even though students may consistently demonstrate an area of success (Academic, Character, or Soaring), they may not receive the same award trimester after trimester.  We do not have the capacity to recognize the same students trimester after trimester.     

Condit will no longer be distributing Presidential Awards at the end of 6th Grade (Effective 16-17 school year).