Welcome to the Library

Last year our students read over 197 million words, our goal for 2023-24 is to top that amazing achievement!  Our library is extremely well supported by our PFA with both volunteers and fund raising.  Please stop into room 8 any day if  you'd like to help out too. 

This year our reading program them is Stay Paws-itive and Believe in Yourself!, and throughout the year as students read books and take quizzes at school, great prizes can be earned.  For the Fall trimester first graders will read books and turn in book forms for prizes.  As they become ready, during the Winter and Spring trimesters, our first grade friends will practice and learn to take Accelerated Reader quizzes on their own!  Our 2nd through 6th graders are encouraged to also take the Library Genre Challenge. Each month, September through May choose a book in your level. Be sure to pick from a different genre each month. Once you finish the book and pass the AR quiz, record the title in the library. A special recognition is TBD and will be given during the library awards week in June.   

The library is a dynamic part of each student's learning experience, and we have a lot going on here, but don't worry - the teachers and the librarian will review and support our reading programs throughout the school year, and your student will soon become a "Paws-itive" reader!


Library Schedule


  • Gariador

  • Sink

  • Purdy

  • Bonner

  • Hassler

  • Fata


  • Hamdallah

  • Kellner

  • Cerafice

  • Donahue


  • Murphy

  • Evans

  • Morgan

  • Jensen


  • Nelson

  • KammertWatson

  • Ahmed

  • Carter

  • Genovese


  • Hannan

  • Riihimaki

  • Wiarco

  • Davila

  • Luebbers